LOUD announces Hatchfund Campaign for THE PURSUIT OF JUSTICE!

As we all know, theater can be an expensive endeavor. That's why we need YOUR help! We've begun a Hatchfund campaign (click here for more information) to ask for your support for our next original play, The Pursuit of Justice, written entirely by LOUD’s youth ensemble.

Why are we raising so much money, you might ask?

All LOUD ensemble members are paid for their creative contributions. We believe in challenging adultism by valuing the work of young people, putting our money where our mouth is, literally.

Our base goal of $5,000 will pay for five ensemble member stipends. Anything else we raise will go towards much needed production materials and space rental.

Or think about it like this:

-$10 donation will pay for one hour of rehearsal for one ensemble member

-$30 donation will pay for a full rehearsal for one ensemble member

-$150 donation will pay for one month of rehearsal for one ensemble member

We know you’ve got your own hustle going on and people are hitting you up about their projects all the time. Anything you can contribute means a lot to us and it’s even better if you tell ten of your friends after you donate.

Click here to donate to our Hatchfund Campaign!!

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