Workshops with Sidney Monroe

A dear friend of LOUD, Sidney Monroe of the Theater Offensive, joined us in February to devise material and help us think critically about our process. Sidney worked with our ensemble on warmup techniques, devising methods, hip hop, drag, and much more. In addition, he led a wonderful workshop called Nasty White Folks. Here's a little more on that project:

"Nasty White Folks (NWF) is a theatrical project that explores the performance of cleanliness and the privilege to be filthy. Based on Sidney Monroe's (Boston-based theatre artist/scholar/practitioner) experiences living interracially, NWF focuses on the varying messages we receive about being (or not being) clean. Participants will be invited to witness a developmental performance and share their experiences with cleanliness (or lack there of)."

Sidney Monroe is the Youth Programs Manager at the The Theater Offensive in Boston. As an Arkansas native, Sidney taught Theatre & Speech Communications at Episcopal Collegiate School and worked for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. His current work merges Applied Drama & Theatre techniques with LGBTQA youth ensembles. One of his favorite workshops to teach is Hip-Hop Theatre because of the fusion between multidisciplinary arts and culture. In his spare time, he enjoys the occasional jazz dance class or seasonal ale. Sidney holds a BA in International Relations from Hendrix College and a MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth & Communities from The University of Texas at Austin. Sidney’s spirit animal is the elephant.

We love Sidney and can't wait to work with him again!

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