LOUD’s mission is to utilize ensemble theatre to cultivate tools for self-expression, develop an intersectional analysis of oppression and build community through devising and producing original theater. We are guided by four core values: undoing oppression, youth leadership, solidarity and a commitment to devised theater.  Our members are outspoken, unapologetic queer and trans* youth who come together in solidarity to build community and control the narratives shared about their lives.  In a city with limited access to queer safe space, LOUD’s ensemble creates a much needed community in New Orleans. 


LOUD produces one show a year that is developed through a rigorous, youth-led ensemble process, highlighting themes such as police violence, intersectional identity, combating injustice and building solidarity.  Our inaugural ensemble, formed in January 2013, premiered Beyond Acceptance to sold out audiences and instigated a rich and ongoing dialogue about LGBTQIA identities and experiences.  Beyond Acceptance debuted in April 2014, and has since traveled to the Alternate ROOTS annual meeting and artist retreat in North Carolina.


In addition to new work creation, LOUD has continued to act on its mission through guest workshops, field trips and expanding youth performance opportunities outside of rehearsal.  Guest workshop topics have included Gender 101, know your rights, queer sex ed, intersectionality and spoken word.  Many of the workshops have been led by local youth and adult queer/trans* leaders.  Leadership development opportunities for LOUD’s ensemble have includedtravel to the Pride Youth Theater Conference in Orlando, Florida, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference in Denver, CO.  


LOUD This year, we are halfway through a two-semester creation process: in our first semester we held workshops and rehearsals based around our values of intersectionality and undoing oppression. Everyone in our ensemble had the opportunity to lead a session based on a related topic of their choice. Topics included queer and trans* representation in the media, employment discrimination, and exploring the Black Lives Matter movement through poetry. In our second semester we are focused on dramatising these conversations through devising and other theater techniques, culminating in a second public performance in May.




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